2004 Toyota Tundra Double Cab Pickup

Toyota Stages World Premiere Of All-New Tundra Double Cab Pickup

Eine Mitteilung der Toyota Motor Sales TMS, Chicago, IL/USA

The all-new Toyota Tundra "Big Rig" Double Cab pickup truck made its world premiere at a press conference today at the 2003 Chicago Auto Show.

"Arriving this fall, the new Tundra Double Cab will be the longest, widest, deepest, and roomiest Tundra we have ever built," said Don Esmond, Toyota Division senior vice president and general manager. "Offering more utility, more comfort and considerably more roominess, it will meet the growing demand among pickup owners for, simply, more of everything."

The Tundra Double Cab will ride on a stout ladder frame chassis that is longer than the chassis shared by the two-door Tundra Standard Cab and the four-door Tundra Access Cab. From nose-to-tail, the Double Cab's overall length has grown nearly 13 inches. At more than 230 inches, Tundra Double Cab is more than six inches longer than the soon-to-be-released Ford F150 Super Crew. The Tundra Double Cab's wheelbase has grown by more than a foot, with an additional three inches of rear track and overall width, and an additional three inches of overall height.

The Tundra Double Cab will provide exceptional utility with a bed that is as long as the current Tundra Access Cab, and nearly a foot longer than the Super Crew. Its bed-depth has been enlarged by a full four inches.

Approached from every angle, the Tundra Double Cab conveys a high-wide-and-brawny big-rig presence. However, on the inside, Tundra Double Cab reaches a level of comfort and convenience that will set a new standard among full-size pickups. Nowhere is this more evident than with the rear seats. With large and plush 60/40 split-fold-and-tumble seats offering excellent thigh support and a full 24-degrees of seatback angle, the Tundra Double Cab will have the most comfortable rear seats in its class.

In addition to its comfort and roominess, the Tundra Double Cab will offer the segment's first vertical power-sliding full-rear window. The full-rear window is similar to the power-sliding window on the full-size Sequoia SUV in design and operation. At 750 square inches of total open area, it is more than four times larger than the open area of the manual sliding rear window in the Regular and Access Cabs. Combined with fully retractable power windows on all four doors and an optional power sliding moonroof, the Tundra Double Cab will offer passengers a wide-open feeling of space and roominess...as great as all outdoors.