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Toyota Responds to Criticism of Overseas Operations

Eine Mitteilung der Toyota Motor Europe TME, Brüssel/Belgien

On 26 February 2003 a senior executive of Toyota Motor Corporation was interviewed by the Financial Times. During the interview unfavourable comparisons were made between Toyota's overseas operations and Japanese plants.

The views expressed in that interview were personal and do not reflect the policies or practices of the Toyota Motor Corporation nor the situation in Europe.

Toyota holds all its members in the highest regard and is explaining to them that the comments made do not reflect the facts nor the opinion of TMC.

Comparisons between plants are always difficult. There are huge differences caused by differing models, technologies and locations. Nonetheless, TMUK is often quoted as one of the most efficient plants in Europe.

As a demonstration of TMUK's commitment to quality and its key role within Toyota's global production network, this autumn TMUK will commence export to Japan of its new Avensis.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd Managing Director Alan Jones said:
"We are proud of our members and their commitment to the highest levels of quality. This is the first time a Toyota plant from Europe has begun exports to Japan and recognises our continuing development. We expect to export around 20,000 units annually."