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Toyota New Nordic Vehicle Hub Begins Operations

Eine Mitteilung der Toyota Motor Europe TME, Brüssel/Belgien

Toyota today officially began operations at its new dedicated Vehicle Logistics Centre (VLC) in the port of Malmö, Sweden. The VLC will handle 80,000 vehicles annually - an average of 1,600 vehicles each week - and employ up to 70 people. The centre, run by Toyota Logistics Services Sverige (TLSSE), will serve as Toyota's new Nordic vehicle hub for Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, maximising customer satisfaction and logistics efficiency by reducing costs and delivery times.

The new VLC will consolidate the logistics activities of Toyota in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. The centre will begin operations in two distinct steps. Firstly, 160,000m² have been prepared for the distribution of new Toyota and Lexus vehicles to Sweden and Denmark. By October 1, 2003, an additional 60,000m² will enter into operation, serving Norway and Finland. The total area of the site will be 220,000m², with buildings totalling 3,600m² and a storage capacity for up to 10,000 vehicles.

Vehicles built in Toyota plants in Japan, the U.K., France and Turkey - the Czech Republic will join this list as of 2005 - will be shipped to the new Toyota Nordic hub by boat. Distribution to Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland will take place by truck, rail and boat.

The VLC in Malmö will carry out the Post-Production Option (PPO) mounting and Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) for Sweden, Denmark and Norway. PPO is the mounting of options like air-conditioning, audio and GPS systems on customer demand, while PDI is the standard inspection of the cars before delivery to the dealers. TLSSE is a unit of Toyota Motor Marketing Europe*.

For further information please contact: Nicolas Van Hoecke. Tel: +32.2.745.2022;

*Note to editors : Toyota Motor Europe S.A./N.V. is a holding company for: Toyota Motor Marketing Europe S.A./N.V., which handles the wholesale marketing of Toyota and Lexus vehicles, parts and accessories, and Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing Europe S.A./N.V., which manages Toyota's European manufacturing and engineering operations.