Toyota Appoints New Executives at European Operations

Eine Mitteilung der Toyota Motor Marketing Europe TMME, Brüssel/Belgien

Toyota has appointed new presidents at its manufacturing plants in France and Turkey, and its National Marketing and Sales Companies (NMSCs) in Finland and Poland. Mr. Didier Leroy has assumed the position of President of Toyota Motor Manufacturing France (TMMF), succeeding Mr. Toshiharu Takasu. Mr. Kazuhiro Kobayashi has been appointed President and CEO of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey (TMMT), replacing Mr. Koji Kobayashi. Mr. Takasu has assumed the role of Chairman of TMMF as well as Executive Coordinating Officer at Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing Europe (TMEM)*. Mr. Hiroshi Kono – formerly Senior Coordinating Executive at Toyota Motor Marketing Europe – has been appointed President of Toyota Motor Poland, replacing Mr. Makato Seki. Mr. Kari Skogster has been named President of Toyota Group Finland.

Mr. Shigeru Teramoto will replace Mr. Leroy as Senior Vice-President Manufacturing of TMMF.

The new appointment of Mr. Leroy marks the second time – after Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK (TMMUK) – that the president of one of Toyota's European plants is a citizen of the country the plant is situated in.

Mr. Shinichi Sasaki, President & CEO, TMEM, said: “We welcome Messrs. Leroy and Kobayashi to their new posts and congratulate them for their hard work and achievements. Toyota's manufacturing operations in Europe continue to expand, and our new presidents will play a vital role in aiding this growth and ensuring it is accompanied by our tradition of superior quality.”

“I would like to congratulate Messrs. Kono and Skogster on their new positions, and believe they will be instrumental in aiding the growth of our sales and marketing activities in Poland and Finland respectively,” said Mr. Tadashi Arashima, President & CEO, Toyota Motor Marketing Europe (TMME).

*Note to editors: Toyota Motor Europe S.A./N.V. is a holding company for: Toyota Motor Marketing Europe S.A./N.V., which handles the wholesale marketing of Toyota and Lexus vehicles, parts and accessories, and Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing Europe S.A./N.V., which manages Toyota's European manufacturing and engineering operations.