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Panasonic Toyota Racing: Jerez Test Round-Up

Jerez Test Round-Up

Location: Circuito Permanente de Jerez, Spain
Dates: 8-11 February 2005
Drivers: Jarno Trulli (8-10), Ralf Schumacher (10-11), Ricardo Zonta (8-9, 11) Track Length: 4.428km

Jarno Trulli - Chassis TF105/03
Best lap time: 1m16.743s
Total laps: 241
Total distance: 1067.1km

- Jarno, what have you been working on over your three days of running?
The main aim of the test was to work on tyre choice for Melbourne and Malaysia. On top of this we have also done several long runs. We learned quite a lot and carried out some set-up work, some traction control development and some work on launches. Unfortunately I had to miss the last day because I came down with the flu. But overall we put in a lot of laps and it was a generally positive test so I am happy.

- How is the car progressing?
We didn't have any major new parts on the car here, but we seem reasonably competitive. Now we are looking forward to trying the new aerodynamic package for Melbourne which we are planning to test for the first time in Barcelona next week. That should give us a bit more of a boost.

Ralf Schumacher - Chassis TF105/02
Best lap time: 1m17.773s
Total laps: 182
Total distance: 805.9km

- Ralf, what has your programme been for this week's Jerez test?
Thursday was a straightforward day, working on our Michelin tyres. We went through our programme without any problems so it was a pretty good day. I had a couple of spins early on because it was my first morning and I was still setting up the car. That meant the car was still tricky to drive and I was trying a bit too hard. On Friday we carried out some long runs and I was able to complete in excess of 100 laps over the course of the day.

- How has the car been progressing, and how much are you looking forward to trying out the Melbourne-spec aerodynamic package?
Obviously any progress we can get and anything that makes us go quicker is always appreciated. Still, I must say while we seemed to struggle at times at Valencia last week, here at Jerez the package we already have looks a bit better and closer to the other teams.

Ricardo Zonta - Chassis TF105/02, TF105/03, TF104/11B Best lap time: 1m17.719s (set in TF104/11B) Total laps: 241 Total distance: 1067.1km

- What have you been working on this week?
I spent Tuesday doing set-up work because it was my first day driving the new car in Jerez. On Wednesday we did some tyre work and some longer runs. I had one enforced stoppage with a gearbox problem but it was good to learn more about how the car behaves in race conditions. I returned to the cockpit on Friday to continue the work on long runs. I also completed a small shakedown of the TF104B that I will be using for some wet tyre testing here over the weekend.

- How has the wet weather tyre testing been going?
I will be doing two more days of wet tyre work here at Jerez over the weekend. We have done quite a few of those tests this winter and I can already feel some improvement in Michelin's wet tyres. The wet tyres this year haven't changed as much as the dry tyres because you are still allowed to change them during the race, but I have already felt some improvements during the tests we have completed so far.