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GP Club 500

Next week’s Austrian Grand Prix will mark the 500th Grand Prix anniversary of UK journalist Mike Doodson. Panasonic Toyota Racing plans to mark this occasion by presenting Mike with a special cake and a toast at the team’s motorhome at 13:15 on Friday 16 May.

Toyota has now launched "GP Club 500" to honour those journalists who have attended five hundred Grand Prix events or more. So far nine people have signed up for GP Club 500 and will be joining Mike in having a toast in the Austrian paddock next week. Any media interested in celebrating with Mike are kindly invited to the Panasonic Toyota Racing motorhome from 12:45 for a snacks and drinks before the cake presentation at 13:15. Photographers are also warmly welcome to attend to take pictures of the occasion.

This event will serve as a basis for "Toyota's Top of the Paddocks" - a comprehensive list of all F1 media and the number of races attended. This list will be published regularly in the media centre, and journalists are kindly asked to check and update their details on a race-by-race basis.

During the Monaco Grand Prix weekend, Panasonic Toyota Racing will organise a less informal event for all journalists who have attained 300 races or more. According to the current Toyota Top of the Paddocks list, there are 32 journalists who have reached the 300 mark or higher, in addition to the nine half-centurions. Further information on this event will be given in Austria.

Please find the first version of Toyota Top of the Paddocks chart below. If you feel you are missing from this list, simply send us an email (, or add your name to the list displayed in the media centre in Austria.

Thank you for your support.

With kind regards,
Panasonic Toyota Racing

TOYOTA'S Top of the Paddocks
Austrian Grand Prix 2003

GPs Name, Country
570 Jabby Crombac, France
530+ Heinz Prueller, Austria
509 Giorgio Piola, Italy
501 Cristiano Chiavegato, Italy
500+ Enrico Benzing, Italy
500+ Helmut Zwickl, Austria
500+ Jeff Hutchinson, GB
500 Mike Doodson, GB
493 Henrique Cardao, Portugal/Brazil
491 Luc Augier, France
476 Roger Benoit, Switzerland
476 Carlos Murphy, Switzerland
459 Frederik AF Petersens, Sweden
458 Alan Henry, GB
418 Reginaldo Leme, Brazil
418 Achim Schlang, Germany
415 Christian Tortora, Canada
405 Maurice Hamilton, GB
403 Nigel Roebuck, GB
400+ Rainer Schlegelmilch, Germany
400+ Bernard Cahier, France
389 Jean Louis Moncet, France
388 Patrick Camus, France
385 Jacques Deschenaux, Switzerland
380 Ferdi Kraeling, Germany
376 Dominique Bressot, France
360 Hiroshi Kaneko, Japan
350 Peter Lattmann, Switzerland
350 Bob Constanduros, GB
332 John Townsend, GB
329 Jose Miguel Barros, Portugal
324 Daniel Reinhard, Switzerland
320 Hans Hug, Switzerland
315 Patrice Burchkalter, France
309 Dan Alexandrescu, Romania
301 Dan Knutson, USA
300 Lionel Froissart, France
300+ Bernard Asset, France
300+ Crispin Thruston, GB
300+ Paul-Henri Cahier, France
300+ Michael Schmidt, Germany