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Jerez Test Round-Up

Location: Circuito Permanente de Jerez, Spain
Dates: 28-29-30 September 2005
Drivers: Ralf Schumacher (28); Jarno Trulli (29-30); Ricardo Zonta (28-29-30).
Track length: 4.428kms

Ralf Schumacher – Chassis TF105/10
Best lap time: 1m17.603
Total laps: 88
Total distance: 389.664kms

- Ralf, what was your programme?
"I had a full session in the B specification TF105 and it was a useful day. I did almost 90 laps and got a good idea of how the car felt compared to the standard chassis."

- What were your impressions?
"The car felt good. I think it suits me better and has addressed some of the issues that I had found more difficult with the standard car during the season. That was pleasing and I will be using the car in Japan."

Jarno Trulli – Chassis TF105/10 and TF105/06 Best lap time: 1m17.047s Total laps: 182 Total distance: 805.896kms

- Jarno, you also had an extended test with the TF105B. What did you think?
"We started off doing some set-up work and then I had a good opportunity to do the whole second and third days and carry out a good comparison.

- Have you elected to race the car in Japan?
"Yes. For me the choice was a bit more difficult because I don't necessarily get more out of the car over one lap. But, over a long run the car is more consistent, has more potential, and should prove quicker over a race distance. I will go for it also because it is the car that we are going to use in the winter tests and then as a basis for next year."

Ricardo Zonta – Chassis TF105.5/01 and TF105/06 Best lap time: 1m17.079s Total laps: 263 Total distance: 1164.564kms

- Ricardo, what were you concentrating on?
"I was having my first run with the V8-engined car which the team will be racing in 2006 to the new engine regulations. Then, when we had used up the V8 engine mileage on the last day, I drove the standard V10-engined TF105 to do some tyre testing for Suzuka."

- What did you think of the V8 car?
"Well, just as Olivier Panis said when he drove with the V8 engine for the first time, we have two cylinders less and therefore 20% less power, so every team and every driver is going to find the cars less challenging, because part of the reason for the new engine regulations is to stop speeds getting too high in F1. You hear people talking about the harsher vibrations of a V8 engine and so I was actually pleasantly surprised at how smooth the Toyota is. I think the engine guys have done a good job."

- How is the V8 progressing?
"It's interesting, actually. When Olivier first drove the car at Jerez he was not using the engine to its full potential because it was just a shakedown test. But even then he predicted that a 1m20s lap should be possible around Jerez with a V8 and that it would be about 2.5s slower than a V10-engined car around here. By the second day of the test, that's exactly the time I was down to, so Olivier should take up fortune-telling!"

Mike Gascoyne, Technical Director, Chassis

- What was the main thrust of the test?
"The two major programmes have been evaluation of the B-specification car with Ralf on day one and Jarno on day two and three, with a view to using it in the last two races. Ricardo, meanwhile, has been doing some work with the 2.4-litre V8 car, gathering useful engine information, and then on the last day he swapped back to a standard V10 car to do tyre evaluation for the Japanese Grand Prix."

- What was the conclusion of the test?
"Both drivers will use the B-car in Japan and China and so it's a positive outcome. All in all it was a very useful three-day test and I want to say well done to the test team for all their hard work throughout the season."

- Is there any risk involved in taking a new car to the last two flyaway races?
"There is an inherent risk with all the unknowns involved in two flyaway races, but we feel that fourth place in the constructors championship is secure after Brazil and it's unlikely that we will be able to challenge for third. So, bearing that in mind, we think it's worth taking the risk and if we get a good result in Japan maybe we might be able to push for third at the final race in Shanghai."

- Do you have a plentiful supply of parts for the TF105B?
"It will be tight but obviously we have the cars that were in Brazil and all the standard parts. If we need to revert because of something like accident damage, it will be pretty straightforward."