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German Grand Prix - Q+A with Tadashi Yamashina, Chairman and Team Principal

First of all, what is Timo's condition?
Timo is fine, thankfully, and that is the most important thing. Obviously it was a heavy impact and he did not get out of the car immediately, so he was taken to the circuit medical centre, as is the normal procedure in these incidents. There was no sign of any injury but he was taken from there to a hospital for further precautionary checks, including X-rays. He has now completed these tests and they have confirmed he is fine. He has no concussion.

When will he leave hospital?
He will be kept in hospital overnight as is normal procedure in these situations.

Will Timo race in Hungary?
We are extremely confident Timo will be fit for the Hungarian Grand Prix. Naturally he is a bit shaken by the accident but all the checks have shown he is fine so we are not worried about that.

What was the cause of the accident?
At this stage we are still analysing what the cause of the accident was because the car was heavily damaged in the impact. We will have to study the telemetry and look at video evidence.

Did the team consider bringing Jarno into the pits for checks, or even retiring him from the race?
As the safety car was out, and we switched our strategy to bring Jarno into the pits as soon as the pit lane was opened, we had the opportunity to do a visual examination of Jarno's car before racing resumed. This inspection at the pit stop, as well as all our telemetry, gave no grounds for concern so he continued to race.