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Today, Panasonic Toyota Racing is offering its latest 2007 video feature at The latest feature is called Materials in Formula 1 and focuses on the materials that make up a modern F1 car.

Featuring exclusive interviews with Senior General Manager Engine Luca Marmorini, the feature looks at the high-tech nature of materials used in Formula 1 today, from carbon composites to space-age alloys. All video material is copyright free and available free of charge to TV stations and websites for around one month. It can be delivered digitally or via tape, as a complete feature or your selection of short clips.

Simply log on to using your current credentials and click on the ‘Photography Filming’ link, then click on ‘Broadcast Room’.

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Once in the broadcast room, browse our selection of current video features (‘Recent Stories’) and video clips (‘Recent Clips’), or look back at our archive. Use the ‘add to cart’ function to select the items you wish to order and then proceed to the checkout, where you can select your preferred format.

Users now have access to our archive of all features from the 2007 season. After the initial one-month period expires, these archived features can still be downloaded free of charge, or ordered in Beta SP or DVD format, at a cost of €150.

Please note, recent features can still be ordered on

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