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Panasonic Toyota Racing

Spa-Francorchamps Test Day 3


Panasonic Toyota Racing today completed its week’s testing with a solid day of running at Belgium’s Spa-Francorchamps. Following yesterday’s rain-afflicted test at the same circuit, the track was again wet for the start of the day’s action. There was no rain in the morning but the skies were grey and the tarmac took a long time to dry out. The changing track surface made comparisons difficult but Jarno did some running to test tyres in different conditions. When the track dried out in the sun after lunch he successfully completed a programme that included set-up for the Belgian Grand Prix along with suspension, aerodynamics work and starts. Toyota’s next racing appointment is the European Grand Prix next week at the Nürburgring, the closest circuit to the team’s Cologne factory.

Jarno Trulli – Chassis TF107/03

Best l
ap time: 1m 48.491s

Position: 7th

Total laps: 76

Total distance: 532.3km

"It’s nice to come back here to Spa because it’s the best track in the world. The organisers have done major work in the paddock and the results look good. The circuit has also been resurfaced and there have been changes to the Bus Stop which have improved the corner. The pit entry and the pit exit are a bit narrow but overall I like what has been done. Of course you never know what weather you’ll get here and it’s always difficult to test in conditions like we saw today. We went out for a few runs on the damp track in the morning but the racing line soon became inconsistent. It was dry in the corners but wet on the straights so that meant it was difficult to carry out much useful comparative work. The track was dry in the afternoon so we were able to run through our programme. We haven't concentrated on lap times but the car felt good. So it’s been a positive day and I look forward to coming back f or the race."

Pascal Vasselon, Senior General Manager Chassis

"Spa is a unique track so the testing we have done this week has been focused firmly on the race here in September. The unsettled weather has been representative of the range of conditions that we could face during the race weekend itself. So we have been very careful to collect data in every single type of weather that we have seen in the last three days. We have also had a wide range of developments to test on the car from suspension to new aero parts. Overall everything has gone well and Jarno and Ralf felt comfortable and quick in the car so they should be well prepared for the Belgian Grand Prix."