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Panasonic Toyota Racing

Paul Ricard Test: Round-Up

Location: Circuit Paul Ricard, Le Castellet, France
Drivers: Ralf Schumacher (16-17), Jarno Trulli (16-17), Ricardo Zonta (18-19), Olivier Panis (18-19) Track Length: Solution 2D-SC 3.593km (16-17), Solution 1E-SC 5.216km (18-19)

Track Solution 2D-SC:
Jarno Trulli
Best lap: 1m05.624s, total laps: 260

Ralf Schumacher
Best lap: 1m06.333s, total laps: 216

Track Solution 1E-SC
Ricardo Zonta
Best lap: 1m26.261, total laps: 189

Olivier Panis
Best lap: 1m27.037, total laps: 117

Panasonic Toyota Racing concluded its four-day test programme at Paul Ricard today. All four drivers were on hand to experience and analyze the B-car specification that will be introduced for the first time at next weekend's race on the street circuit of Monte Carlo. The test programme concentrated on finding the right set-up and balance for each driver in addition to working on tyre choices for the coming races in Monaco and Canada.

Jarno Trulli - Chassis TF106/06B
Best Lap Time Day 1: 1m05.752s
Laps: 117
Best Lap Time Day 2: 1m05.624s
Laps: 143
Total Distance: 934.18km

"I was happy to finally get some mileage in the new car. Last test here I did not do much running as we did not have enough parts. However, after this test, I can say that the car is showing potential. It has a stiffer monocoque and structure and I feel more grip with this car. We mainly worked on set-up so I could get used to the car and my times show that we were pretty good in comparison to the other teams. Additionally we did some tyre testing for the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. Monaco is always challenging and I have some good memories there, so we look forward to the race and will work to improve on our results."

Ralf Schumacher - Chassis TF106/07B
Best Lap Time Day 1: 1m07.009s
Laps: 104
Best Lap Time Day 2: 1m06.333s
Laps: 112
Total Distance: 776.088km

"This test was important for us, in order for me to gain more experience with the new car. I believe we made good progress and although the B-car specification is not a whole new aerodynamic package, it should nevertheless help us gain a few tenths in time over the long run. Apart from tyre tests for Monaco, we also tried different set-up variations, allowing me to better calculate the car's behaviour. All in all it was a good test, and we hope to see the positive effects of this new specification next weekend."

Ricardo Zonta - Chassis TF106/06B
Best Lap Time Day 1: 1m26.261s
Laps: 101
Best Lap Time Day 2: 1m27.239s
Laps: 88
Total Distance: 985.824km

"Over the two days I was driving, we were working on preparations for Canada on a track with very long straights which are similar to the circuit in Montreal. Today, we had a lot of wind to deal with, but this actually helped us to determine which tyres and aerodynamic set-up are needed under such grip conditions. The balance on the car has improved a lot, and I like how the car feels when it drives. We did not have any major problems with my car, so the test went well for me."

Olivier Panis - Chassis TF106/07B
Best Lap Time Day 1: 1m27.037s
Laps: 82
Best Lap Time Day 2: 1m27.143s
Laps: 35
Total Distance: 610.272km

"It was good for me to be back and especially to be in the new car. Yesterday I was feeling really comfortable working with the set-up and we have found some solutions that work well for me. Today, we had a few issues with the engine, which caused us to finish early, but these were normal test items. In the end, I am also more confident with the tyres and grip, having better results with the tyre warm-up. This specification seems pretty promising, but we will have to see how it handles on the streets of Monaco, which can be pretty tricky."

Pascal Vasselon, Senior General Manager Chassis:
"We focused on further testing of the B-car specification at Paul Ricard this week. This new specification is more a development of the structure of the car, than a new aerodynamic package, with front mechanical grip improvement being one of the major goals. The track was set up the first two days to simulate the coming race in Monte Carlo, with both race drivers working on their set-up of each car. With this track solution, we could get an idea of how the car would react and what choice of tyres we will need for the race. For the last two days we used a different track solution, which was a longer course with two long straights to simulate and help prepare the race in Montreal. Test drivers Olivier Panis and Ricardo Zonta were driving the cars for the first time, also getting used to the new specification. Overall, this is a continuous development on the car and we are always pushing to improve on performance and our package."