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Panasonic Toyota Racing

Barcelona Test: Round-Up

Location: Circuito de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
Drivers: Ralf Schumacher, Jarno Trulli
Track Length: 4.627kms

With temperatures reaching up to 19 degrees Celsius, the Panasonic Toyota Racing Team took advantage of the warm weather to finish up their third day of testing at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona. Drivers Ralf Schumacher and Jarno Trulli concentrated on long runs, collecting data on set-ups, aerodynamics and tyres.

Jarno Trulli Best lap: 1m14.522s, total laps: 167
Ralf Schumacher Best lap: 1m15.410s, total laps: 140
Ricardo Zonta Best lap: 1m15.426s, total laps: 88
Olivier Panis Best lap: 1m16.812s, total laps: 71

After a challenging start to the new season, Jarno Trulli is eager to show more potential beginning at his first home race of the year.

Jarno Trulli - Chassis TF106/03
Best lap time: 1m14.686s
Total laps: 86
Total distance: 397.922kms

"We continued testing the tyres today, doing a lot of long runs. With each test the tyres are improving and today we confirmed what I said yesterday, we have made a huge improvement in the handling of the car. We are consistently making progress and getting quicker in comparison to the first races. In general, I feel more comfortable about the car fitting my driving style, especially now when we are heading into the next race. Imola was never really kind to the team, but nevertheless, our times show that we can get more out of the car and we are ready to show our potential."

Ralf Schumacher's test concludes a few laps early due to a spin out near the end of the day.

Ralf Schumacher - Chassis TF106/01
Best lap time: 1m16.041s
Total laps: 67
Total distance: 310.009kms

"We worked on a typical tyre-testing programme as well as some set-ups today. We were trying to get through some long runs concentrating mainly on the construction for the coming races. Unfortunately I spun out late in the day, but we still were able to get a lot done. The car is showing progress and we are determined to maintain the upward momentum that we currently have. Next week in Imola, we will see where we stand and we are aiming to improve on our results we have had so far."

Gerd Pfeiffer, Test Team Manager on the last test before the European season gets underway.

"This week's testing went very well. The warm weather was advantageous in allowing us to get a lot of testing done. We finished most of test programme on aerodynamics, tyres, and set-ups, that we had schedule for the week. Even though we had some minor issues with the cars and had some delays due to plenty of red flags, we were quite productive and can be pleased with the results we have found. Now the team will head to Imola, where we will work hard to score some points."