Toyota launches Body & Paint Preferred Partner Programme enhancing repair service

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) has announced the launch of a Body & Paint Preferred Partner Programme. The pan-European initiative brings together 22 recommended partners, all of which supply high calibre products and offer superior results, as demanded by Toyota customers. As Preferred Partners, Toyota strongly recommends that its European network of National Sales and Marketing Companies and Authorised Repairers work with these Partners to deliver the very best quality service to its customers.

Toyota’s Body & Paint Preferred Partners programme is part of an ongoing process to improve still further the high standard of repair service delivered by the Toyota network across Europe. Partners were chosen following rigorous testing procedures, based on a number of key criteria.

Preferred Partners must supply products of the highest calibre, using state-of-the-art equipment to deliver superior results. They must also assure excellent and reliable levels of service and support including a multimarket field force, regional training centres and telephone "hot lines". Furthermore, Preferred Partners will have demonstrated that they are aligned with Toyota’s proprietary TSM (Toyota Service Marketing) process improvement philosophy and provide reliable, Europe-wide distribution and support.

Commenting on the launch of the Toyota Body and Paint Preferred Partner Programme, TME Vice-President for After-Sales, Mr. Alain Uyttenhoven said: "This is an important step in delivering the very best body and paint network for our customers. By using Preferred Partners, our network can be supplied with all the tools, equipment and products required for all steps of the vehicle repair process from disassembly to reassembly. It will also ensure that we offer one of the most efficient repair services reducing repair time and costs."

Partners selected by Toyota Motor Europe and its National Marketing and Sales Companies for the Preferred Partner programme include: AB Ph. Nederman & Co.; Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG; Blackhawk S.A.; BLOWTHERM S.p.A.; CAR-O-LINER AB; Celette S.A.; Chemicar Europe nv; Edwin Trisk Ltd.; ELEKTRON-BREMEN Fabrik für Elektrotechnik GmbH; Farécla Products Ltd.; Festool GmbH; GYS; HEDSON TECHNOLOGIES AB; Henkel KgaA; Herkules Hebetechnik GmbH; INDASA – Indústria de Abrasivos, S.A.; KWH Mirka Ltd.; RUPES S.p.A.; sia Abrasives Industries AG; SIMPESFAIP SPA; SPANESI S.p.A.; USI Italia s.r.l.; and 3M Europe.

Whilst Toyota will strongly promote the benefits of working with its Preferred Partners, National Marketing
and Sales Companies as well as Repairers remain free to select the companies with which they work.